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International School Singapore
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GESS school fee structure

The published school fees structure is applicable to all students for academic year 2018/2019. Fees are reviewed annually and are confirmed by the 30th of April each year for the next school year. All published fees are inclusive of prevailing GST (Goods and Services Tax), where applicable.

Personalised school fee breakdown

Pre-School Section
Kindergarten Pre-Primary
Entrance fees* n/a 2,945.00 2,945.00 2,945.00
Tuition fees per year

(2 half days/week)

(3 half days/week)

(5 half days/week)

(3 half days plus 2 full days per week)

(5 full days)

(3 half days plus 2 full days per week)

(5 full days)

(5 full days)
Development Levy² per year n/a n/a 4,890.00 4,890.00
Learning materials & excursion fees per year
40.00 40.00 170.00 170.00
German Section
  Primary School
(Grade EST - 4)
Secondary School I
(Grade 5 - 9)
Secondary School II
(Grade 10 - 12)
Entrance fees* 2,945.00 2,945.00 2,945.00
Tuition fees per year 18,880.00 21,770.00 23,870.00
Development Levy² per year
4,890.00 4,890.00 4,890.00

European Section
  Primary School
(Grade 1 - 5)
Middle School
(Grade 6- 10)
Diploma Programme (Grade 11 - 12) Diploma Programme (Grade 11 - 12) (Pamoja)
Entrance fees* 2,945.00 2,945.00 2,945.00 2,945.00
Tuition fees per year 26,950.00 30,730.00 33,510.00 35,310.00
Development Levy² per year 4,890.00 4,890.00 4,890.00 4,890.00
Learning materials & excursion fees³ per year 250.00 n/a n/a n/a

* Entrance fees consist of an enrolment fee of S$2,000.00 and non-refundable registration fee of S$945.00
² First year only, from second year onwards and for the third child onwards, it’s reduced to S$2,445.00
³ Learning materials & excursion fees are chargeable at the beginning of the academic year

German Section
Learning Support 695.00 Per semester for two weekly lessons
Grade 5 - Wind Programme 1,827.00 per year Subscription
Grade 6A & 7A- Wind Programme 1,307.00 per year Subscription
Erweitertes Nachmittagsprogramm:
Grade EST - 1 780.00 Mon, Thu, Fri
Grade 2 520.00 Mon, Fri
Grade 3 260.00 Tue
Grade EST - 5
260.00 Wed (additional day)
European Section
Nederlands Moedertaal for PYP
2,140.00 Per year
Learning Support 1,390.00 Per semester
EAL for PYP 1,390.00 Per semester
Examination fees IB Est 1,500.00 Grade 12
Miscellaneous Charges (if applicable)
CCA/LEP subscriptions
Subscription fee for each CCA
S$260.00 per semester

Extended Afternoon Programme
For Ages 3 - 6 (Monday - Friday)
S$5,250.00 per year*

Report card re-print fee
Additional copy of the school report
Certified true copy of the school report

S$50.00 per report
S$5.00 per page

Re-print of Student ID
For re-print of Student ID due to loss of card or wear and tear (after one year of issue)

*Requires commitment to the programme for the whole school year.

Class trips, Enrichment Week and overnight excursion fees* (compulsory)
Grade European Section German Section
3 200.00
4 300.00
5 650.00
6 650.00
7 750.00
8 800.00
9 300.00
10 1,600.00
11 750.00 350.00
12 900.00 1,600.00
* Fees are approximate, based on 2017/2018 academic year costs


Short-term school fees

In certain situations, it may be necessary for a student to be enrolled in GESS for a short period of time. A student can be enrolled on a short-term basis for a maximum of six months only. After the six months, the student must register as a regular student or withdraw from the school. The school fees for short-term enrolment are listed below. The applicable fees are listed for each calendar month and cannot be pro-rated.

Monthly short-term school fees (up to six months max.)
Preschool Section $ Remarks
Toddler Group
(2 half days)
(3 half days)
(5 half days)

Per calendar month
Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten / Pre-Primary (3 half + 2 full)
3,200.00 Per calendar month
Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten / Pre-Primary (full day) 3,630.00 Per calendar month
German Section $ Remarks
Primary School (EST - 4)
2,830.00 Per calendar month
Secondary School I (Grade 5 - 9)
3,160.00 Per calendar month
Secondary School II (Grade 10 - 12) 3,410.00 Per calendar month
European Section $ Remarks
Primary School (1 - 5) 3,770.00 Per calendar month
Middle School I (Grade 6 - 10) 4,220.00 Per calendar month
IB Diploma Programme (Grade 11-12) 4,540.00 Per calendar month

Short term students joining Semester 1 need to pay in advance for the school trip. We do not accept short-term enrolments for Grade 12.

Personalised school fee breakdown




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CPE registration number: S72SS0010G
Registration period: 22 June, 2017 – 21 June, 2023

©2017 GESS

IB Curriculum

The English speaking European Section of GESS is a fully fledged International Baccalaureate World School, and one of the few in the world who are authorised to deliver the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Since opening in 2005, the European Section has grown rapidly to become a school with a reputation for quality education with a strong community feel. We now have over 600 students. The vast majority of our students are European passport holders, for whom GESS represents a vital connection with home. Students are thus provided with a safe, friendly and familiar environment in which they are challenged to thrive as they grow into independent and responsible global citizens.

Our academic and pastoral programmes are designed to support this demographic and ultimately to prepare our students for returning to Europe or for entry into European universities. To this end we endeavor to support mother tongue language acquisition so that our students do not lose this vital connection with their home culture. Fortunately, given the high entry requirements into European schools and colleges, this also means that our students are especially well prepared for study all over the world, particularly North America, the UK and Australia.

The Pre-School department provides education from 18 month to 6 years in either English or German. Children are placed in groups according to their age.


German Curriculum

Since the school was founded in 1971, the school has evolved into a school with two sections. As an accredited “Excellent German School Abroad”, the German Section of the German European School Singapore (GESS) offers all major German school leaving certificates. The European Section is an authorized IB World School offering education in English across all three IB programmes.

The German Section supports the students to develop their German roots. We give them wings for the linguistic demands of a globalized world through our differentiated English programme from grade 1 onwards. In secondary school some subjects are taught in English. Our students are benefitting from numerous bonding activities and have additional space to enjoy the internationality of the school.

Our Pre-School department provides education from 18 month to 6 years in either English or German. Children are placed in groups according to their age. 

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