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Vocal and Instrumental


The wider GESS community, including students, parents, faculty and staff as well as neighbouring families can learn a variety of musical instruments within the Vocal and Instrumental Programme (VIP). Our VIP allows students to extend their exploration of the world of music beyond the classroom by learning a musical instrument during and after school hours.

GESS has brought together some of Singapore's finest professional musicians to provide one-to-one tuition in either a 30 or 45-minute weekly lesson.

Our voice lessons specialise in vocal tuition for all ages and styles catering to all levels of ability and experience. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, our vocal experienced tutors will ensure that you get the results you are looking for by introducing students to breathing and vocal techniques such as pitch, control, endurance, increased range, tone etc.

Each student has an individual lesson plan that changes due to the student's progress. Our tutors focus on improving their 'weak spots' and enhancing their 'strong suits'. Regular feedback is provided at each lesson so that the student is aware of what they have achieved in the class and what their practice for that week should be.

All students will get the opportunity to perform at our Annual Recital to show off their skills in front of family and friends.

Further details including fees and enrolment forms are available from the Vocal and Instrumental Programme Coordinator via email to music@gess.sg.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are available instruments?

Baritone Horn, Bass Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, Cornet, Double Bass, Drums, Euphonium, Flute, French Horn, Glockenspiel, Guitar Acoustic, Guitar Electric, Hand Drums, Harmonica, Percussion, Piano, Piano Jazz, Recorder, Saxophone, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Ukulele, Viola, Violin, Voice, Xylophone

What is Try An Instrument Day?

Try an Instrument day is when parents have the opportunity to let their children do 15-minute trial lessons of instruments of their choice before making the decision to enroll in the Vocal & Instrumental Programme. Each trial lesson cost $20 per person.

How do I enroll to try an instrument?

VIP will be offering four days of TID for everyone to try out instruments of their choice. In AY 2018/19, the dates are 14, 18, 21 and 23 August. Please click on below online enrolment for the respective date.

14 August18 August21 August23 August

Can I try more than one instrument?

You can try as many instruments as you like. The price is $20 per instrument for a 15 minutes lesson.

Will the tutor conducting the trial lesson be assigned if I sign up for VIP lessons?

Trial lessons give students the opportunity to try the instrument to see if it is their choice of instrument to learn privately over the course of a semester/year. Tutors who conduct the trial lessons are not necessarily available according to your available schedule. However, you are welcome to request for the tutor upon enrolment. VIP team will try to accommodate your request on best-effort basis. This request is not guaranteed.

What happens after I try an instrument?

If you would like to continue learning the instrument you have tried out, you may enroll for our VIP online through our website.

VIP enrolment form

When are the lesson times?

Lessons times are offered during the school day and after school.

Can group lessons be conducted?

We can offer group lesson of up to two students in a studio. You are required to form the group yourself.

How do I know if the time and day selected for my child is suitable and do not interfere with the school lesson curriculum?

First of all, we highly recommend that you confirm all your CCA arrangements before enrolling for VIP to avoid conflict in days/times.
For Kindergarten to Grade 5 students, our office obtains clearance from your classroom teachers for lessons which students can leave the classrooms to take VIP lessons. Our office DOES NOT make these decisions without the approval from the classroom teachers first.
Students from Grade 6 and above are only permitted to take VIP lessons during the break times or after school unless a special request is arranged between parent and the specialist teacher.

Can I request for VIP lessons during the break times/after school?

You are welcome to make your requests, but availability is on a first come first served basis. These time slots are generally popular.

Will I get my requested time slot?

We cannot guarantee the requested time slot, but we try our best to assign the most suitable and available slot according to your child’s timetable provided by the classroom teacher.

Will I get the tutor I requested?

Tutors availability are according to their schedule and are based on first come first serve basis. If we cannot assign you the tutor requested, we will assign you a different tutor.

When do I expect to hear about my enrolment confirmation?

You will be contacted by our tutors 2 to 3 days before your child’s lesson begin. VIP aims to begin on week of 3 September 2018.

Do I have to renew the enrolment in Semester 2?

All students will be automatically renewed in Semester 2 unless otherwise informed by you.

Are the tutors bilingual?

Some of our tutors are bilingual but all of them are conversant in English.

Who are your tutors and how do you hire them?

Our international tutors are some of the finest professional musicians in Singapore and overseas. Shortlisted tutors go through a round of interview with our Head of Music before being hired.

Can I see a biography of your tutors?

Yes, this is available upon request.

Will my child have the opportunity to take examinations?

GESS do not conduct examinations but if you wish to do this, your tutors will be able to assist you. Please inquire this with your tutor directly.

How do I pay for lessons?

Lessons are paid directly to your tutor upon receipt of invoice. This usually takes place in the 3rd or 4th week of the lessons.

How much are the lessons and how do you calculate the semester fee?

Lessons price are as follows:
30 minutes @ $47 per lesson
45 minutes @ $65.50 per lesson
We calculate total number of week in the semester at the same time the availability of the tutor before generating the invoices.


Can I terminate lessons in the middle of the semester? What if my child decides to stop?

You are obligated to fulfil one full semester payment/lessons. Payment for the entire semester must be paid in full. Lessons will be forfeited if terminations are done in the middle of the semester. No refund will be given unless it is a serious medical condition. These situations are determined on a case by case basis.

What if my child or the tutor is unable to make it to a lesson?

If your child is ill or off campus, you must contact the tutor a day in advance or before 8am of the same day in order to be eligible for a make-up lesson.
If the tutor is ill or unable to teach for the day, he/she will inform you directly and a make-up lesson will be arranged.

Will lessons which are not conducted during the make-up week be refunded?

Yes, tutors will reimburse you for lessons which cannot be made-up by the end of the semester.

Can I rent an instrument?

Yes, we have instruments for rent base on first come first served basis.

How much does it cost to rent an instrument?

The cost of rental is $7 per week with $250 refundable deposit.

Can I buy instrument parts from you?

We have some stocks for string instruments and others. Please contact our office at music@gess.sg to inquire.

Does my child have the opportunity to play in a group ensemble?

Yes, CCA programme offers Primary School String Ensemble and Secondary School Orchestra, Jazz Band and Rock & Pop groups. Students should have at least one year of playing experience and note reading to be eligible in these ensembles. Please contact our CCA office at cca@gess.sg for more information.

Please find more information
in our VIP Brochure.

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IB Curriculum

The English speaking European Section of GESS is a fully fledged International Baccalaureate World School, and one of the few in the world who are authorised to deliver the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Since opening in 2005, the European Section has grown rapidly to become a school with a reputation for quality education with a strong community feel. We now have over 600 students. The vast majority of our students are European passport holders, for whom GESS represents a vital connection with home. Students are thus provided with a safe, friendly and familiar environment in which they are challenged to thrive as they grow into independent and responsible global citizens.

Our academic and pastoral programmes are designed to support this demographic and ultimately to prepare our students for returning to Europe or for entry into European universities. To this end we endeavor to support mother tongue language acquisition so that our students do not lose this vital connection with their home culture. Fortunately, given the high entry requirements into European schools and colleges, this also means that our students are especially well prepared for study all over the world, particularly North America, the UK and Australia.

The Pre-School department provides education from 18 month to 6 years in either English or German. Children are placed in groups according to their age.


German Curriculum

Since the school was founded in 1971, the school has evolved into a school with two sections. As an accredited “Excellent German School Abroad”, the German Section of the German European School Singapore (GESS) offers all major German school leaving certificates. The European Section is an authorized IB World School offering education in English across all three IB programmes.

The German Section supports the students to develop their German roots. We give them wings for the linguistic demands of a globalized world through our differentiated English programme from grade 1 onwards. In secondary school some subjects are taught in English. Our students are benefitting from numerous bonding activities and have additional space to enjoy the internationality of the school.

Our Pre-School department provides education from 18 month to 6 years in either English or German. Children are placed in groups according to their age. 

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