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GESS gewinnt die S├╝dostasienspiele 2017 zum dritten Mal in Folge!
Posted 25/05/2017 11:07AM


GESS gewinnt die Südostasienspiele 2017 zum dritten Mal in Folge!"GESS gewinnt die Südostasienspiele 2017 zum dritten Mal in Folge!" & pdf - 23rd May 2017


Vom 18. Mai bis zum 23. Mai 2017 fanden die 14. Südostasienspiele (SOAS) der deutschsprachigen Schulen in Jakarta statt. Athleten aus sechs Schulen traten in den Disziplinen Volleyball, Leichtathletik, Schwimmen und Fußball an. Nachdem alle Punkte zusammengezählt waren, stand fest, dass die German European School Singapore zum dritten Mal in Folge Gesamtsieger der SOAS geworden ist. Damit verwies sie Kuala Lumpur und Jakarta auf die Plätze 2 und 3. Der Pokal hat damit seine endgültige Heimat in Singapore gefunden, da er nach 3 gewonnenen Wettkämpfen in der siegreichen Schule verbleibt. Mit fünf goldenen und einer bronzenen Medaille stand Joanne Getsios ganz vorne auf der Medaillenrangliste! Herzlichen Glückwunsch an unser GESS-SOAS-Team zu diesem tollen Erfolg!

Ein großer Dank geht an unsere Sponsoren Integra und Gehrmann Solutions, die die GESS bei diesem besonderen Sportereignis unterstützt haben!


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The English speaking European Section of GESS is a fully fledged International Baccalaureate World School, and one of the few in the world who are authorised to deliver the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Since opening in 2005, the European Section has grown rapidly to become a school with a reputation for quality education with a strong community feel. We now have over 600 students. The vast majority of our students are European passport holders, for whom GESS represents a vital connection with home. Students are thus provided with a safe, friendly and familiar environment in which they are challenged to thrive as they grow into independent and responsible global citizens.

Our academic and pastoral programmes are designed to support this demographic and ultimately to prepare our students for returning to Europe or for entry into European universities. To this end we endeavor to support mother tongue language acquisition so that our students do not lose this vital connection with their home culture. Fortunately, given the high entry requirements into European schools and colleges, this also means that our students are especially well prepared for study all over the world, particularly North America, the UK and Australia.

The Pre-School department provides education from 18 month to 6 years in either English or German. Children are placed in groups according to their age.


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Since the school was founded in 1971, the school has evolved into a school with two sections. As an accredited “Excellent German School Abroad”, the German Section of the German European School Singapore (GESS) offers all major German school leaving certificates. The European Section is an authorized IB World School offering education in English across all three IB programmes.

The German Section supports the students to develop their German roots. We give them wings for the linguistic demands of a globalized world through our differentiated English programme from grade 1 onwards. In secondary school some subjects are taught in English. Our students are benefitting from numerous bonding activities and have additional space to enjoy the internationality of the school.

Our Pre-School department provides education from 18 month to 6 years in either English or German. Children are placed in groups according to their age. 

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